Win a Harley at Wisemans Ferry Pub today....

This afternoon I rode up to Wisemans Ferry Pub for the Harley Raffle draw they had on there. Not that I had a ticket. It was a good reason to go for a ride. I headed up Old Windsoe Rd. Then onto Windsor Rd. Through Maraylya, Cattai, Maroota and onto the Old Northern Rd through to Wisemans Ferry. Thr weather forcast was for showers clearing in the afternoon. It was afternoon and it was raining on and off and cold to boot. Then the sun would come out from behind the clouds and warm you up only to be again covered by rain clouds.

No sooner had I got off the bike at Wisemans that b3nje909 arrived on his matt black VTR 250. The Harley had already been drawn. So we missed it. I have no idea who won it. No one was running around doing back flips. We had a quick tea and coffee. Checked out the bikes parked out the front. Lots of Harleys and Jap crusiers. Big Jap crusiers. 2000cc Vulcan crusiers. New Harleys, Old Harleys and Touring Harleys. If it had have been a Suziki or a Kawasaki being rafffled I wonder if so many Harleys would have been there?? ;-)

b3nje909 and I rode back along the Old Northern Road heading for home. Boring trip stuck behind traffic and loonie ute diver who liked to tail gate. At least I got to hear b3nje909 new muffler on his bike. Sounds really good too when I was behind him.

Still it was good to go for a ride.