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Roaming to Guyra. NSW Boxerworks meetup.

June 8th this year is the last time I went on any form of ride. WTF! That’s right I work shift work and work 3 weekends out of 4. So when I saw that the NSW Boxerworks guys were going to have a meet-up weekend I hoped that my shifts would allow this. Roster came out and I did have this weekend off. Wow a ride with an over night stay. Last time I did this was when Jan and I rode the Yamaha Plank of Pain to Cuc Phou in Vietnam. This ride to the Boxerworks would be just me. Old BMW riders sitting down yakking all night about all things BMW would drive Jan insane.

It was arranged that I would meet Bob Bennett at the Bucketts Way turn off from the Pacific Hwy and we would ride up together. Bob rider a R80RS. A few bikes are heading up this road today. A new BMW S1000RR comes around the corner and powers away. I joking say to Bob we can catch him. It was very interesting riding with someone I had not ridden with before.

Besides the fact that Bob has got so many more years riding experience …