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AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Nuts

Peanut rocker covers. I love their curves. So bought some for the Ah-8-Tee. Fitted them at 6:30 this morning.

All but making a large leather saddlebag I am done. What a great feeling. I have taken this to how I wanted it to look like. With some changes on the way.

Next up will be working on The Wasp GS125.

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Just luvin the old bus.

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Needed more hammer finish charcoal.

It sure did need more hammer finish charcoal.

Tested the rattle paint on the sidecover that will never go back on the bike. The hammer finish does not bubble.

Mask up the design. Rough up the paint with some 400 grit sandpaper. This will help the hammer finish grip.

Get really nervous as I apply the paint. I hope this works out.
It did and I am more than happy.
Yes there was some paint bleed under the tape. I am not fused with this. This was never going to be a show pony make over.

Backyard Kustoms by name and by nature.

My shed is tiny. So I use the back covered area of the house to do major work.
Why I am Wrench'n Ride'n Backyard Kustoms.

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - So close to done.

The colourblind guy, me, attacked the tail light and indicator wiring today. What could go wrong? It was time to fit the 33 Ford tail light and indicators to match the ones on the front of the bike. Also the rear guard was being changed. The rear guard was made by cutting down a Suzuki TS125 inner guard. Smaller and changed the whole profile of the back end.

The tail light and indicators do work. Helps to ask you wife what colour is what.

Before and after. 

Flying. Its riding only in the sky.

Today I cashed in a gift voucher my wife had bought me for christmas. A Tiger Moth flight with Hunter Valley Vintage Wings. This si the second time she has bought me a voucher with these guys. she knows I love flying in biplanes.

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - That's not Fair

I am crap at painting. I am crap at prep for painting. I shall not tell you what happened to the red.
I went and bought some Charcoal coloured paint. Didn't notice it was hammer finish till I started to shake the can. Oh well lets see what it looks like.

I liked it. So added some black. Added my logo. Just have to let the paint cure. Then some clear coat and done.

Around the world woman... A pioneer.

Old Pac ride. Week day.

Yay a week day ride. Rode with my bro-in-law Steve and his mate Greg.
Short ride for coffee at Mt White then on a bit further for a pie at pie in the Sky at Cowan. Then a dash home before the storm hits.

My old bus in the middle of two younger BMs.

R1. Noice

Steve's Tiger. His Bonnie has a bald tyre so took the Tiger. 

From left to right. Steve's Tiger, my old girl and Greg's F800GS.

Greg and Steve.

My old girl. 

My dome protector. 

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Stuffing around with Photoshop

Bit of filter play.