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Speedmaster - Lowrider seat..

Over the last few months plastic has been melted and foam carved. Cutting wheels, abrasive flap wheels and bread knives have been flayed about at the bike's seat.

My bike fiddling obsession has driven me to make a cut down solo seat. Plus a p-pad too later on.

I wanted a lower look and ride from the Speedmaster. So used the original Gunfighter seat as the victim of this seat torture.

I have leather standing by ready to be dunked in hot water and then shoved and pulled into shape around the seat.

Speedmaster - Spraying oil and other stuff.

Got around to fitting the Tutoro Chain Oiler that was on the Bandit. I hate chains. So at least this helps increase the life of the drive train and saves me from having to oil it myself.

Also fitted some Triumph America risers and an old set of Western Bars. No need to move nay cables etc again. Think this suits the bike way more than the Mustache Bars I had on. Also got some small bar end mirrors. The oem mirror stuck on bar end was a bit .. well... yeah...

Roaming to Mt Sugarloaf.

3 of us from work went for a small ride to Mt Sugarloaf.

Tyrone on his 883 Harley,  

Gerry on his Honda 750 Shadow. 

Around 110km one way. Past beautiful the top end of Lake Macquarie. Stunning on such a sunny winters day as today was.

Some of the views from Mt Sugarloaf.

We found a beautiful old derelict servo in Speers Point.

May have been a  small ride but great company, great places to see what more can you ask for.

Speedmaster.. Mirror mirror on the handle bar who's the ????

The square bar end mirrors I had fitted just did not suit the look of the bike to me.

So got the ole thinking cap on. I have the OEM mirrors. I have mirror extenders. Put the two together and I have a round bar end mirror. Also proves how cheap I am.

Speedmaster - Gators..

The previous owner of my Speedmaster had it fall over on him. The left hand lower fork shroud had a crease in it from this. These are metal. I tried to peen the crease out. It did not look nice. The crease had been damaging the plastic sealing ring around the top of the fork leg as well.

Seeing as I had a set of 50 year old Honda fork gaiters lying around doing nothing I pressed these into service. They came off my CL450 Brat build.

Used the rubber top rings out of the Speedmaster fork shrouds in the top of gaiters. Some WD40 and a bit of pushing and shoving and on went the gaiters.

To me they seem to make the front end look longer.