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AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee-Ah-Tee - Please be seated.

Biltwell solo seat Tuck and Roll has arrived.
It won't be mounted to springs. Might have some thick rubber under it to help with shock absorption.
Still working on what the pillion will sit on.

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee-Ah-Tee Slippery Fluids

Changed all oils today. Engine, gearbox and final drive.
These were all changed a few years back, ridden once and then parked up. All the oils were clean.
On startup today she was making a lot of blue smoke.
Went for a short ride. Engine nice and hot. Less smoke.
Waited an hour or so. Restated no smoke. Considering it's been parked up for years I don't wonder some oil has gotten into the firing chamber.

Engine sump plug - No sparkles from the engine.

Gearbox plug - very fine metal paste. Nothing to stress about.

How I refill the gearbox with oil. The filler hole is just above the shift lever. 

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee-Ah-Tee is here.

After having 2 mates drive me, my dog, the Honda in a trailer down to western Sydney then up to lower Blue Mountains the Beemer is here. We got back at sunset last night.

I had left my phone at home so could not take photos.

So here is the R80RT as of this morning. Sans the panniers and their frames. I had to do something to it last night.

So this was once a barn door faired RT. The VIN number says it was.

It has not been ridden for sometime by the previous owner. The battery in it is dead. I got enough charge into that battery over night that the engine has turned over once. I am charging up another battery I have to see if I can get the engine to really turn over before i buy a new battery.

The plan for this bike. Street Tracker. Firstly though is to get it registered again. Then ride it on The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride end of next month.

After all this it can morph into the Street Tracker I have in my mind.

Airheaded - Photos of the Ah-8-Tee as it stands today.

My mate sent me the some photos of the R80 I am buying him off. He took them this afternoon. Next weekend you are mine. Is it next weekend yet?

AirHeaded - Bought an Ah-8-Tee BMW.

Sold the Honda last night.
This morning bought a monshock R80 BMW.
Pick up next weekend.
Then out comes the cutting wheel and chop chop make it my own.
Its been 3 1/2 years since I had the BMW R100LT.

Photos of the R80 I bought.

Brat - CeeBee-6-Fiddy - Quick fire love affair over

That was one quick love affair that has ended. Yep I have sold the CeeBee back to the guy I bought it off. 
Why? I want a single. Of all the bikes I have owned the singles have been by far the ones I have the most fun on. 
The CeeBee is a great bike. I have enjoyed chop chop it. But I am restless and must have move it on to be able to buy what I want. 
Bye bye CeeBee-6-Fiddy.