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Showing posts from November, 2016

Bender - Smile

Refitted the LED running light. Made an eyebrow from old Honda plastic triple clamp cover.
Looks more Benderish now.

Bender - Those eyes

In the pursuit of making Bender look even more Bender.
Used a Yamaha XJ600 fairing frame.
Kawasaki ZXR250 headlights
Headlight mounting brackets.
Cut and welded and they are on.
Need to fine tune so they are not blinding possums in trees.
Need to mount the LED light under the twin lights.
Oh yeah fitted high front guard.

Bender - Maxim fitted

Maxim ammo box now fitted. A bit more Bender added.

Bender - A bit of Mother Russia

Bender now has a bit of Mother Russia. In a sea of custom bikes that use 30cal and 50cal ammo boxes as panniers I use a WWII Maxim Machine Gun ammo box. This box came from Latvia and the eBay seller claims the items he sells come off WWII battlefields. Did it? I don't know. I don't care. Its super cool.

Now to make some mounts for it.