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ZS - Rotted alloy donut.

Rides just over 80kms to get new tyre fitted. Gets train home. Rear rim has rotted. Alloy is flaking away. Spokes rusted. I would say that the bike has had water in the wheel way back. The inner tube had welded to the corrosion. May be able to get away with using a spare rim I have here at home that is steel,

ZS - Rad Man

The Radiators on the bike were made in 1987. Original. The right one was leaking. I had patched it up with JB Weld while new radiators came from China.

The Chinese Rads are longer than the OEM. The outlet pipes at the bottom of both radiators are larger diameter than the OEM hoses. Thankfully I had some radiator hose spare from another project.

1/2 a day and the new ones are on. Lets hope they last longer than 30 odd years.

ZS - Tong

The twin headlights get a bit of shake going when I hit a bump. So made a headlight stay from part of a set of brass fireplace tongs.

ZS - Let there be light.

Off centre is how I like things. So played around with a second light. This smaller light will have LED globe in it and just be a running light.

Over the last 2 days fitted then moved. The headlight that came with the bike was mounted to the fairing mount off the steering stem and did not move with the forks. Now mounted to the forks.

I much prefer the way TODAYs mounting looks.

ZS - Not digging it... Pun heavy post.

No not the bike. The shovel on the forks. Its there to cover up the writing that is exposed from the original instrument cluster etc.

It just was not doing it for me. Dug around in the shed and found a front mud guard bit. Chop Chop drill a few holes and it covers the wiring.

ZS - Shovel.

Yes the shovel that was fitted to the departed funky fokker beemer is back. Cut down now.
Added a solo seat. Cause I can.
Used sticking plaster to wrap the top of the forks and then a coat of brown leather dye. To break up the chrome.

ZS - Overcoming Hobbitness

I have a case of Hobbitness. Short in the leg. The ZS Transalp has me on tippy toes when I sit on it.

Fitted the old chopper seat that was on the Funky Fokker beemer at one stage.

Now I can flat foot when seated on the ZS.

Fitted a BMW /7 grab rail to mount the side bag to. Fitted domino handlebars. Fitted LED indicators to the radiator mesh guards. Spent the last 2 days chasing a leak in one of the radiators. JB Weld should have fixed this. I will know in 24 hours time.