DR500 - Teasers

DR500 - Soon

Bender - New clutch cable

Bender - One big eye

Bender - In touch with nature

Bender - Back to bare.

Bender - Shiny new chain sprockets

Bender - Smile

Bender - Those eyes

Bender - Maxim fitted

Bender - A bit of Mother Russia

"Pistoncino"-- The postie delivered the bike....

"Pistoncino"- Rusty carb

Bender - Not my photos for once.

How to set ignition timing

Bender - Sidecovers

"Pistoncino"- Elegant

"Pistoncino"- Tune up.

"Pistoncino"- Stablemates

"Pistoncino"- Down a fuel flavoured rabbit hole

"Pistoncino"- Looks older?

"Pistoncino"- Detail

"Pistoncino" - Running and riding.

"Pistoncino" - That smell that never leaves you...

"Pistoncino" - 1/2 hour and at it with the tools.