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Should I Bob my Bandit?

Its a question I have been asking myself. Should I Bob my Bandit? Since I stripped it naked my mind has been wandering around all sorts of ideas. Then I saw this bike.

If I did do this to the Bandit it would need to have a dual seat. 
Will I do this? I just don't know yet. 

I hate screws...

I hope the bike shop tomorrow does not say they can't plug it.

Clean and naked.

Done and dusted now. Made some small adjustments here and there to the headlamp brackets and the routing of the throttle cables. Had a chance to wash it today too.

Hi's and Low's... Beams that is.

I now have a Low beam that is not on when the Hi beam is used. The "S" Bandit has two headlamps. Which has the low on when the high is used. When you go to a single headlamp you have to bypass the fuse box for the low light. I took the fuse out. Then as Mexi-can't over on the ADV forums suggested I find the white wire that comes from the switch block for the light toggle and break into this wire and connect it to the low headlamp wire. Bingo now the Low is off when the Hi is used.

I will have to put a fuse into the "new" low beam wiring.

Where did I get that from? How to Naked an "S" Bandit

Where did I get the bits from to do this conversion??

Headlamp brackets ordered from C-J-Accessories eBay store. I have orderded from him before. Top seller if you ask me.

7inch H4 headlamp from my BMW.

Bar end mirrors. I got these off eBay. Search eBay for them. There are heaps.

Eastern Beaver Make this harness for H4 globe. I did have to cut and solder into the headlamp harness of the bike to fit this.

Testing out the non fairing.

Jan and I went to The Entrance for lunch today. I like that it is about 15 minutes up the road.

Also gave me a chance to see what the Bandit is like Naked. I love it.

No more fairing fag.

It is done. Wiring harness from Eastern Beaver could not have been easier to put in. I did have to cut into the bike's headlamp harness. Solder is my friend. The low beam is still on when the high beam is on. That I will fix later.

I had to fabricate some blinker brackets. No big drama. Had some flat aluminium stock laying around. Cut shape and drill and they are done.

When I took the fairing bracket off I noticed how heavy it is. I have taken the bike for a ride up and down the street and the front end feels so much lighter. Will have to adapt to this when it comes to spirited corning.
I did have some trouble getting the bike started after I put the tank back on. I don't know if it the fact that there was no fuel in the carbs or not. Prime setting on the fuel tap seemed to help as it took several goes to get it to fire up. Now that it is warmed up it starts and runs fine. As far as I know I connected everything back up the way it was. 
I love the look. Very pleased with indee…

Let there be light! Not just yet......

Headlamp bracket arrived this arvo. Alloy brackets and the seller also put some stainless hex bolts in to replace the chrome plates ones. Lots of wires to pull back under the tank.

Tomorrow will wire in the harness for the headlamp and make brackets for the blinkers. Then the nakeding is done.

While awaiting the headlamp brackets....

While I wait for the last bit of this puzzle to arrive. The headlamp brackets. I have made up and remounted the Instruments. Used a bit of flat stock aluminium. Made a triangle contraption out of this aluminium. Mounted it to the bolts that hold the handle bars on at the steering stem. Then mounted to the bolts that hold the instruments to the full fairing bracket.

At this point in time I am not worrying about getting a set of "N" instrument pods. The "S" only has half pods. Painted the back of the instruments black and will see what that looks like one the single headlamp is on.

Can't take the fairing frame off and original headlamps as the bike is my daily transport.

Anti fairingfagging. It has begun...

It has begun...

Bar end mirrors have arrived. This started an avalanche of stripping. Which is good as now I can start to make the instrument mounting bracket and have a good look at the wiring to see how to get the H4 single headlamp hooked into the harness.

Took about 3 hours.

When the wiring harness gets here from Eastern Beaver and the headlamp brackets from eBay I shall be fully naked.

Jan with Bandit....

Soon no fairingfag for me...

My Bandit "S" is going naked.

Headlamp brackets ordered.

7inch H4 headlamp from my BMW. May respray the bucket satin black.

Bar end mirrors order. Will spray the bar end parts satin black.

Contacted Eastern Beaver about making me a relay harness to convert from twin globes to one H4 globe. Waiting his reply.

Instrument shrouds? Will either use a Buell style fly screen to cover this great naked ugliness up as the "S" does not have any bottom to the pods. Or see if the black BMW pods I have can be cut up and used.