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"Pistoncino"- Silver lining..

KBS Gold Standard Sealer has been applied to inside of tank. Now to wait a week or so before I can put fuel in it.

"Pistoncino"- Clean inside of tank...

Time to clean and seal the Gilera 106 tank. This is what the KBS cleaner has pulled out of the tank.

To think I had tried to clean this before and thought it was clean.

Tank is not drying in the sun. Then the etcher goes in. Followed by the coating. 

DR500 - Rub a dub dub....

Productive day. Shift at work and then home to work on the seat unit for the DR. Sanded back and first colour down. Not showing the colour just yet.
Tomorrow will tackle the wiring harness refit. What can go wrong with wires that are colour coded and I am green colour blind.

DR500 - Tank mount and design mock-ups.

Mirror tank just about mounted. Made mount for rear of the tank. Bit of bending and welding.

The apprentice wanted to help. Local wild cockie. 

Some more design mock ups for how it will look. 

DR500 - Sneak look ...

I am known for doing rat style bikes. This style is not for the DR.

This is a sneak look at were I am going with this. From now on I am keeping the rest of the build under wraps till it is done.

DR500 - Trade pays off

Many years ago I used to tig weld and sheetmetal work for a living. Roll forward to now again that trade is paying off. Broken stud in bottom of engine. I know how to get that out. Build up whats left of the stud with weld. Then weld nut on. Then use spanner on nut. Out comes stud. Had to do this to the sump plug bolt as well.

DR500 - Its here.

Six hours of driving in total and the DR500 is here.

Lego bike loaded up in the car. Took 2 of us to get it in. 

Took just me to slide it out. 

2 beers down and its ready for rego... I wish...