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"Trumpy" Tee design.

Another Triumph related Tee design by me. You can but this via my shop.....

New Tee design - Shop

The pixel pushers have walked out. They are protesting that we don't fed them enough Skittles. We don’t need no pixel pushers. We do this by hand now. The hand of WnRn rules.

This is our new hand drawn Cafe Sugar Skull Tee...  You can buy it from ---> HERE <--

Roaming the Central Coast - Wall Art

Some is legal. Some is not. Some is advertising. I care not. Its Art. I like Art.

Cruised around here on the Central Coast looking for this Art today.

7 - Speedmaster

Yep that's right. Handle bar change No.7.

All that great welding that Big Dog did on my MICRO BEND-A-LICIOUS APES No.6 handles bars did has come to naught. Rode on local freeway during the week. First longish ride with the bars. At highway speeds both hands are numb from vibration. Pulling in the clutch with a numb left hand is interesting. Below 110kmh there is very little vibration. Get to that and above and the vibration is insane. I thought the slug that was fitted into the bars to give them strength when we made them wider would have killed this. It didn't.

So got a set of Venture Tracker Bars. Got them real cheap as the shop had the wrong price tag on them. Like 60% cheaper.

Wide with pullback. So need some risers. Ones that will still let me use the Biltwell Slim Line riser. So what to use? How about a 36mm socket. How about 2 of them. That's what I used.

Vibration. Some but not enough to numb my hands as quickly bar 6 did. 
Will I change the Trackers in a few days …

After riding there is wrenching - Speedmaster

Been riding the last two days. Due for an oil change. Time for some oil and beer.

Bankstown Motorcycle Show Good Friday 2014

Not a bad show at all. Well attended. Flat and Dirt track Demos. Motard Demos. Customs bike show. Unoffical bike show in the carpark. Men hitting eash other in a ring. Men throwing themselves around same ring. Man playing with snakes.

Commando Style

Big and skinny

Ben's Bike


Old and bloody fast

When Vetter didn't do drugs




For the learner Hipster

It fly's. It has wing



Best bike of the show

Kids fanging it in their demo

That I will win stance