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Another convert to the wonderful Traveller...

Paul (old_paul on the ADV forums) from Dallas Texas is new to the wonderful world of MuZ Skorpions. Here are some photos of his Traveller. Looks like a very well looked after one too. It has only done 3600 miles since new. The muffler fitted is a M4. Thanks for showing us all mate. Paul is not new to MuZ's. He has owned a Mastiff, which his son now owns.

Rally’s in the 80s. Mother Hardy’s Rally 1981...

Previously I had started to do a write up on Rally’s in the 80s. Here is the second Rally I went to. Mother Hardy’s. This is being written from my memory. 27 years on.

It was in February 1981 a weekend after my first rally. Mother Hardy’s was held down in Victoria. Inland from Bairnsdale. I can’t remember the club that ran it. After my first rally I wanted to go to another straight away. We would turn to AMCN to give us the dates and places for rallys.

I rode with John (Jacko) who I worked with and his mate Greg. They both had XJ650s. We left from work on Friday arvo at about 3pm and set off down the coast. Being on a 250 I lead at times so as to set the pace. Most of the ride is now just a blur of non stop riding. Fueling up and rising. As it got dark Jacko took over and lit up the road with his 9 inch head lamp.

We got as far as Bega and rolled into the servo for fuel within 60 secs of the locks going on the pumps. The attendant didn’t have the keys. So we slept on the forecourt next t…

Cats and Dogs….

Several months ago I was to have met up with Michael Barnes. But it didn’t happen. We arranged a new date and time and place. This was for today. Meeting at Ilford on the road to Mudgee. 11am the arranged time. Rain, hail or shine.

The image below shows the rain as it was falling at 4:50am this morning. Plenty of rain. Raining Cats and Dogs all day in fact. No shine and thankfully no hail. The rain started yesterday and it hasn’t stopped. Well it has now as I write this.

I asked a friend of mine, Kim to come along for the ride too. She had in the last month or so upgraded from a Suzuki 250 Across to a Kawasaki ZZR600. Kim has only been riding for about 12 months. This would be a good run for her to get some open road experience and as it turned out wet weather riding too.

Kim and I meet at about 6:45am at MacDonalds at McGraths Hill. It was grey, dark and wet. The rain was not going to dampen our spirits as we headed out onto the road.

I had suggested during the week that we would have a …

Two Ferries and a Pie.

At the moment I am half way through 2 weeks of Annual Leave. The kids are also on holidays. Most of this first week has been me taking heather to work and back on the MuZ. Up and down James ruse Drive. Snore……… I need a ride. Even a small ride. But one out in the country side.

Lilly asked me at the start of the week if she and I could go for a ride. A long ride. I love it that the girls all like being on the bike. So how long would a ride be for her? At first I suggested Kiama and then up to Robertson to the Pie Shop. Lilly is a bit of a Pie connoisseur. I traced out the route with Google maps and it was a long round trip. Way too long for her. So I suggested we do 2 ferries, Sackville and Berowra Waters Ferries and then up to Pie in the Sky. Once at Pie in the Sky we will decide were to go from there. We would ride on Friday.

Here it is Friday. It is a beautiful summer’s day. The bike is packed. We are ready to ride. We head off at around 10am. Traffic is light heading north west. So…