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#wheezathebeeza - Opening a can of worms up...

My last post I said that I though the plates on the flywheel had come loose. I was right. The right hand one spins. I have removed the head, barrel and piston.

Measured the piston and it looks like this bike is now at 180cc. I assume this was re-bored after the crack in the fin was welded/brazed and the bore would have distorted from the heat.

#wheezathebeeza - Now not spewing oil....

After fighting an Amal carb that a bike shop.. cough.. cough.. was supposed to have stripped and cleaned and replaced felt washers that the previous owner had paid to get done just before I got this bike I have removed removed this carb. It allows fuel to flow everywhere. I also had to adjust the timing for the Bones CDI as that had been fitted by this ..cough..cough.. bike shop. Fitted an old Mikiuni carb a mate gave me. Got the bike to run without a huge smoke screen.

So I ordered an new repro VM22 Mikini. Fitted that this arvo + an NGK Iridium Spark Plug - BR7HIX . It starts after a few kicks. It idles. Almost next to no smoke. Rode it up and down my street. Yay!

BUT it sounds like the flywheel plates have come loose. When engine is stopped you can hear this rotating sound from the engine. You can hear this sound slowly die away. So assume its one or both of the flywheel plates spinning on the crank. So that will be the next thing to fix.

I got this bike knowing that its is 49 to 6…

#wheezathebeeza - Spewing oil like a blown oil rig

Spent hours today working on Wheeza.
Went with low rise renthals instead of the drag bars it came with.  I tried the Gilera Western style bars and they did not suit.  Took the wrap off the header. Love the goldie/blue of the chrome. Fitted the rack that came with it and my old East Germany Army racksack.  Fitted a uniflter pod into the airbox/battery box.
Started sticker bombing it. Drained the tank and put new fuel and premix in. 4 kicks and its started.  It is a 4 speed gear box. That I know for sure now.  Its a real bitsa. D7 barrel and head. D14/4 crankcase and gearbox. D1 frame.  And it smoked and smoked. Muffler might need a decoke. 

#wheezathebeeza - Bones

So good to see that Wheeza has a Bones 12 volt CDI system fitted. How to keep a Bantam going in the 21st Century.

#wheezathebeeza - First ride..

Mother nature does not like me at the moment... Look large man squashes rooster...

#wheezathebeeza - The Bantam has landed.

The Bantam has landed.. Big thank you to Steev for bring it up and taking Rusty to its new owner. Big thank you to Jackson for swapping Rusty for this little bit of the ole Dart. Thank you to Jason and Gray for the million kick stats and fiddling to get it to run...

So now its time to learn all about 66 year old 2 strokes...

"Pizza Cutter" - Show off.

Among all the amazing custom build on display at Throttle Roll was the Pizza Cutter in all its patina glory.

Throttle Roll 2017

Was so awesome...