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Let it load....

Chop chop off came the top.. of the screen that is..

Ok 3 go at this. This time take one Dremel with very fine cutting wheel and lope the top off the screen. Can really see the bubble now. Which is what I think id causing all of the turbulence around the helmet. Won't knwo if this incarnation has worked till I ride it to work this afternoon.

Semi naked ..Ugly stick put away for the time being...

I have gone to the other extreme and taken the screen off altogether. Makes the 12 look even more bug like now with those 2 mirrors sticking way up there.

I shall see how much I like or dislike the air hitting me in the chest now instead of the head.

Short ride in the rain and with no screen no turbulence at all in the helmet. Just wind pressure on the chest and forearms.

Have been reading on some Yank Bandit forums that most double bubble/taller screens on the bandits just causes turbulence and wing roar. Having now ridden without a screen fitted I fully agree with this.

So next step is to either buy a Chinese copy of the original screen off e-Bay for $24 or cut my ZG DB down to the same size as the original one.

Extended screen made with ugly stick. Take 2

Had another go at making an extension for my screen. This time O used the inner anti-fog visor from an old Nolan helmet. Heat formed it to shape in the oven in a set of pyrex dishes. Used some 3M self adhesive locking strips to attach it. At highway speeds it has cut back on the helmet buffeting I was getting. Not totally but makes the ride alot more tolerable. Take 3 when I get around to it will be a wider and higher add-on screen.

Extended screen made with ugly stick...

Made an windscreen extension. Used an old Nolan helmet visor. Heated the visor up in the oven to help get some of the bend out of it. Used double sided tape to mount it. Then attached some rubber car trim around the edge of the whole screen. Looks ugly. Went out for a ride and there is really not much difference. I do not have the orginal screen so have no idea what the bike is like to ride with that screen fitted.

I am very pleased that I have my Snoopy mounted to the front of the fairing. He was a fixture way back on my sidecar then the BM.

{EDIT!!!!}That screen extender is so ugly and useless I have taken it off.

Bandit engine'd Katana.

Me wants to build one..

1200 Bandit done different.

I love the look of this one.

Bike lust is good....