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Brat - CeeBee-6-Fiddy - Bagger

Need to carry crap. Sick of carrying it on my back. Bought old leather back pack. Made saddle bag. My back thanks me.

Hole in steering stem. Covered up with Sugar Skull pill box.

Wife snuck some photos of me tinkering.

Brat - CeeBee-6-Fiddy - Back to OEM.

Sometimes Original is better.

I really like that mates have helped me out with this bike. That they have supplied me with bits and pieces via the beer economy.

Like the mini speed. Like the small headlight reflector. All good stuff. All stuff that the CeeBee has hated.

The combination of TS185 headlight and H4 globe did not work. The light spread and penetration is not there. Riding at night I have to rely on other road users headlights to see the road ahead. Not very good.

The mini speedo has LED lights in it. The CeeBee is wired like a trailer. Nothing earths to the frame. Plus the LED back light in the speedo would come on when the brake light came on. even though they are in no way connected. I have heard this can happen with LEDs. The needle in the speedo at freeway speeds was waving its merry self around.

So it was back to the original speedo and headlight today.

Brat Style - Mix and match...

Taken from ... and

The bike is an unsusal hybrid, the donor being a 1981 Honda CB 750 wearing a 1971 old style tank, but the rest of the bike is made up of bits of Harley Davidson.
What a great mix it is too.

Brat - CeeBee-6-Fiddy - el Burro Loco

el Burro Loco - The Mad Donkey.

Slowly the CeeBee-6-Fiddy Brat is being brated even further.
New brat seat made from old skate board. Several layers of foam mat. Navajo print horse blanket for the seat covering.

A few more small details to be added soon.

ADV type tires when these wear out.

Brat - CeeBee-6-Fiddy - Flat tracked... kinda

Inspired by the flat tracking last weekend. Plus I have had plans for a bit to change the look of the CeeBee I give you the CeeBee-6-Fiddy Brat-Tracker.
TS185 head light and headlight cowl. H4 headlight fitting converted to allow me to mount a H4 globe in the TS headlight.
Biltwell Low Bars. My neck can't do long distances with the Ultra Lows fitted.
Biltwell Oxblood red Renegade grips.
Next will be new tires. Something like Avon Distanze.  
Then the dreaded 70s suspension will have to be sorted.