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Zeke - Small things added.

Today I fitted the stone guard to the head light. Fitted a 1951 Standard Vanuard Phase hood ornament to the front guard. A small decorative thing to the top of the headlight. Adjusted and oiled the chain. Made the rear shock softer.  Cleaned up the work bench in my shed. The LED flood light under the headlight throws out a lot of light too.

Zeke - "I love the night life. I love to..."

Zeke - Small flood

Mounted a 18 watt 6 inch LED flood light. Talk about let there be light.
Solo saddle came off. A round trip of 150kms with the seat bottoming out on every bump shows the bicycle seat springs do not work on a motorcycle to make me bounce up and down.

The big headlight that come with the bike is back on. Its an aesthetics thing ok.

Some say I am a hipster that wears red flannel.

I have noticed on the net that some people have been sharing my work on my Transalp. Comments have been reported to have said I am a hipster and that I must also wear a red flannel shirt becuase of what i have done to my bike.

I didn't know that there are purists in the Transalp world. I know there are in the BMW airhead world. I have upset them too in the past.

This is what I have to say in reply.

And for the record yes I do wear a red flannel shirt in winter. It keeps me warm.

Zeke - Refining

I did some refining on the Zeke the last few days. Not that much on this bike is refined. Its more like a creation from Wacky Races. That's why I love it so much.

Moved the speedo off the bit of sheetmetal it was mounted to. Used an old Honda handlebar clamp/fuse holder. Bit of perforated metal. Done. Cleans up all those wires too.

Fitted a late model Transalp CDI box holder. This lays these down and gets the connectors away from touching the seat. Not that is a real problem now with a sprung seat.

I hope to have stopped the fuel coming out of the filler hole and past the petrol cap. Used an old Suzuki cap. This should have a better seal. Maybe no more fuel dribbles down the sides of the tank.

Removed old brown bag off the back. Pillion pad and pillion pegs fitted.


I was looking to buy another bike. Talked myself out of it and bought a MagMate 200 DC TIG Welder. I did my trade in the aircraft industry as a sheetmetal worked/Tig welder. I have read the reviews on these chinese made welders. Watched videos. So as long as i am not trying to weld up the habour bridge it should be ok for what i want to use. I have not been this excited in a long time. I miss welding so much. Not anymore.

Zeke - Bounce

A few days off on leave. So used some springs out of a bicycle seat to give the Biltwell solo seat some bounce.