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Showing posts from November, 2014

Sydney Cafe Racers Run.

Today I caught the tail end of the Sydney Cafe Racers Run.

Then I rode this and had so much fun. It was only for a few klms. I had forgotten how much fun a 500 single could be. My laugh was heard over the loud exhaust as I ripped along the private road.. Thank you Matt Miles for trusting your Royal Enfield to me. 

Wrappers.. Speedmaster

Titanium Header wrap has been wrapped around my headers.

World's greatest motorcycle..Same as Dad's. So work done

On Sunday I had a chance to go and do some work on y Sister's Triumph Terrier.

Thanks to BigD for the photo copy of the manual too mate.

Started to adjust the brakes. Shows I will have to replace the shoes. 1951s braking distance was so much longer than 2014.