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Showing posts from June, 2016

ZS - The constant fiddle.

Why can it not be left alone? Why this constant fiddle? I can't answer this cause I can't stop doing things to the ZS.

Added a pillion pad.
Added a cowling to the speedo.
Stripped all the stickers off the tank. Rubbed the rust back.
Sealed the tank with Rust-oleum Clear.
Made a tank bra out of leather and on old belt. To help stop fuel from affecting the clear coat when filling up.
Used an old bum bag to fill the void between the tank and the saddle.
Put headlight back to the original position.
Bigger mirrors.

The Thrill Is On.

Got an hour. Like dirt tracking from the 70s? Then get the popcorn out.

ZS - Back to single

The double different size headlights were not doing it for me. So have taken it back almost the way it was when I bought it.
Grafted 2 different mirrors together to create the small one you see here. Some more sticker bombing. Mix of my art and random art from Redbubble.

Thanks to Gray for the tracker bars that are now on it.

ZS - shiny new donut.

Just rode home from picking up the bike. It has new shiny rim and new rubber.
Huge shout out to these guys. Alexander who works there and had been dealing with me and the bike lives up my way. He offered to pick me up at 5:45 this morning and let me travel down with him to get the bike. This is customer service. This is why I am willing to travel nearly 100kms just to get a tire changed. Oh and get a new rim. See my last post for why ...

Look new shininess.