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Blood dripping cooked meat....

Blood dripping cooked meat. This is what on offer today for lunch. Wisemans Ferry Pub was the place. Mates meeting for a feed and a drink. How could I not go?!

I headed up Northern Road to Glenorie. Left onto Cattai Ridge Road. Then right onto Halcrows Rd. Right on Wisemans Ferry Rd. Left back onto Northern Rd and down into Wisemans Ferry. Most of the roads are crap. The BMs suspension is really struggling at times. Thankfully I had just bought an AirHawk seat and this really helped cushion my spin. The blow up seat cushion really does make a big difference the seat on the bike. Not that the BMs seat is bad. This just makes the seat more plush to say the least.

A few Ks before Wisemans there is a lookout over looking the Hawkesbury. It was not the view of the river that impressed me. It was the vintage car that was there. What a great old vehicle it was too.

Rockster rolled in first and then Bluesman arrived. As with most forums people have nicknames. I had not meet Jim in the flesh.…

Meandering around Sydney.

I knew where I was going today. Outside of Sydney in a big figure 8. South and then north. By myself. This was also a good excuse to run in my new Nolan N84 helmet that I bought yesterday. 300kms will do nicely too thank you Mr BMW.

I hit the road at about 9am. Headed to the Caltex on the freeway that heads west to the Blue Mountains for the first fuel stop. 98 octane Unleaded fills the tank. I will not have to look for fuel for at least another 200kms. Back onto the freeway and play dodgem with the silly Sunday drivers who have no idea how to drive on a freeway. When it says keep left unless overtaking that’s what it means. But do car drivers obey this? NO! They sit at least 10kmh under the speed limit in the right lane. AAARRRGGGHHH...... High beam soon wakes the driving dead up.

It was not my intention to photograph any war memorial today but as I came into Mulgoa Village on the left is a Bofors gun. There is a thread at the BikeMe forums showing your bike and war memorials. So of …