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Camera work on Paper......

I have had the great fortune of being able to do so photographic work for Dirty Love Magazine (DLM).
DLM is an Aussie Independent Custom bike mag.

Chops that owns and edits the mag has published photos I have taken. Amazing feeling seeing your photos in a print mag I can tell you. He has also published my words.

Next issue is coming out this week.

Blue Harley photo top left and Harley photos with graffiti backdrop. They be my photos.

You like custom bikes. Like Vintage bikes. Buy this mag from DLM.

Sparkles brain bucket ....

Got another Bell 500 Custom. 1/2 price too. Red sparkles. So 70s.
Had to retire my "Speed Bound" Bell as it was getting too big for me head. I have lost that much weight that it was slipping around my head.