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Dirty Oily Rusty Smelly Machines.. Bashing tin

Bought an old Yammy AG100 tank. Cheap. It has no rust inside. Amazing.

Bashed the tunnel upwards to help it fit the frames back bone.

Found some epoxy repairs to the welds on the tank. Big Dog has TIG welder. He can fix.

Tank sits a bit higher than I would like. Any lower and the lower edge would be sitting on the exhaust.

Dirty Oily Rusty Smelly Machines.... It begins

Put tools to Dirty Oily Rusty Smelly Machines today.

I have 3 engines. The one I am looking at using has compression. This is very good news.

So begins the work.

Some things needs gentle prodding to remove.

Original patina. I am not using this tank.

One way to stop the gear lever coming off.

Mixing and matching parts from the to near complete bikes. 

After a more street look. So have this tank from a Yammie AG100 coming.

Dirty Oily Rusty Smelly Machines....

New project or junk collection. A few old TS185s have landed at Wrench'n Ride'n HQ. The plan? To build one good street tracker type bike out of them. I hope. Well that's the plan.

Back to #8 - Speedmaster

Last night there was lots of swearing. Lots of cursing. Working on the bike undercover while a thunder storm raged all around. I found that one of the bolts into the Blitwell Slimline risers had bent. This is one of four bolts that are used to hold the top clamp in place. I was adjusting the Indian style bars position when I found that I could not screw the bolt back in. No bolt no holding bars in place. Hence the loud swearing and cursing.

Risers came off with bars flopping around in them. No bars I can't ride.

The Zombie Performance Astro-Glide bars went back on as they have welded in risers.

#10 - Speedmaster

Bar change #10.

Fitted some Indian Chief style handlebars. I like the 50s look that these bars have. As they only come in Chrome and I like black bars I wrapped the bars with black electrical tape.