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#ZED750 - Beak

Dug up the old KTM front guard I have had lying around after it came of Bender the Transalp I had.
Looking more like a scrambler every change.

#ZED750 - In the bag.

Seems I have a thing for bags on bikes. Bought a back pack from Jack Stillman to turn into a saddle bag. The Hepco Becker C-Brow bags are good but not large enough.

Its mounted to a steel loop frame I made so its not going to get dragged into the rear wheel.

Loop I made that keeps the bag off the rear wheel. 

#ZED750 - Even more scrambled...

The scrambling of the z750 continues. Trail Tech head light I bought has been fitted. Lots more light than that LED headlight I had on it. I will be putting 80/20 tyres on it too so can do more hard packed dirt roads.

#ZED750 - Scrambled.

The GPZ fairing didn't last long. Loved the look of it. The airflow from off the bottom of the fairing to the radiator was not good. Bike was getting hot too quick. I even trimmed the fairing down. Still not much of a change to the airflow.

So its a work in progress towards being a Scrambler maybe? Trail Tech 8" Race headlight converted to H4 coming for it. So I can fry wildlife at night. Round black rubber with a bias of maybe 80/20 is also a big consideration.

#ZED750 - Whats been added?

List of things I have added etc .

GPZ replica fairingLSL aluminium handle barsProtaper handlebar cross barCrash KnobsLED headlightLED indicatorsLED spot and flood lightsShad comfort seatOxford heated gripsRound CNC mirrorDelkevic muffler and link pipeHepco & Becker C-Brow mounts and soft bagsCNC black leversUSB power socket

#ZED750 - GPZ/ZXR'd

Aftermarket GPZ/ZXR fairing. Bit bigger than I though it was going to be.

#ZED750 - Let there be light.

The LED headlight I fitted did not give me the light I thought it would at night. 2 Cree Led Flood and Spot may just change that. Bought the lights via

High beam - Spot and Flood.

Low beam - Flood. 

#ZED750 - Cyclops

LED headlight. Super bright. Hi/low beam. Bought off eBay.
Have to fit the LED indicators I have next.

#ZED750 - Muffler...

6kgs loss when taking the original off and fitting an oval Delkevic stainless muffler. 20 mins to fit. Wonderful when things are made for your bike.

#ZED750 - Bags

I like to carry stuff on my bikes. So got some Hepco and Becker C-Bow mounts and bags.

#ZED750 - Levers and Mirrors.

eBay bought levers and mirrors. Nice.

#ZED750 - Little bit of modified...

It came fitted with a tail tidy.
Fitted radiator guard,
2nd hand set of KTM mirrors.
Low Rental bars.
Seat mod. Raised the front of the seat. That way I am not sliding into the tank all the time.

#ZED750 - A break from riding old bikes....

Sometimes just fiddling with old bikes to keep them going becomes old. So I got a newer bike. A 2008 Kawasaki Z750.

From the bike shop add. 

Last Friday morning when I picked it up. 

Today went for a ride with mate Jason who was on his brand new MT10.

#kimilwrongun - Fighting back

#kimilwrongun has been at war with me. We have fought on the brake front. So far both of us are in no mans land. The front pads had been rubbing on the caliper mounting bracket. This was causing the binding. Grinder on the mounting bracket and the pads now retract off the disc. No binding. Then I checked the rear brakes. Master cylinder is leaking. Needs a new one or rebuild kit. I will win on this front too.

Did a spray job. Matt flat olive green.

Fitted the new lighting. Single Dominator round headlight. LED spot light. Madass headlight brackets.
Fitted the shovel. Yes its back. To hide the wiring that came out of the original headlight.

Few little touches to add still.

#kimilwrongun - Nearly back on the road.

#kimilwrongun came to me with no rego. Very soon that will change.
So body work begone. Used rubber floor mat to make frame fill ins.
Straightened the MX bars that had been "Aftershock" bent.
Old rack bolted to back.
My old East German Army back pack added.
I have further plans to remove/change stuff. That can wait till after rego is done.

#kimilwrongun - New to the garage

As Wheeza the Beeza has to have the engine come and and be split I needed some form of reliable, read works better than wheeza, transport.

So I acquired a 2002 Hyosung GT250. Hence me naming it #kimilwrongun.
Of course I have had to make it my own. Firstly that body work. Shudder.

#wheezathebeeza - Opening a can of worms up...

My last post I said that I though the plates on the flywheel had come loose. I was right. The right hand one spins. I have removed the head, barrel and piston.

Measured the piston and it looks like this bike is now at 180cc. I assume this was re-bored after the crack in the fin was welded/brazed and the bore would have distorted from the heat.