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ZS - It starts...

2 hours after it was dropped off and I think I have found what was stopping it from firing. 2 wires coming out of the relay/regulator were joined with those blue clips. Took that off and soldered the wires together. It runs. It runs very well. The engine is so quite compared to the racket the bmw engine made. Tomorrow i shall take it for a short ride and see if it stays running.

So begins the making it mine.

TS185 handlebars fitted. Col Foster grips fitted. Sprayed the side-covers and put mandatory stickers on them. Exhaust wrap on the muffler. Shovel from the bmw will be sized up to see how best to fit it tomorrow.

ZS - Here

It is here.
It runs when it wants to. It has some custom wiring and i have fixed one connector. It ran. And now does not want to again.
It may just be that as with mots Transalps the CDI boxes are known to go. So might just take get new ones of those.

Here it is before I do my thing to it.

ZS cometh.

The coming weekend this arrives to replace my departed Airhead.

I have bought a 1987 Honda XL600VH Transalp. Well that's what it was when it left Mr Honda's production line.

 Pierre, who I have bought this off, has done a small amount of customising. It is now the Zombie Slayer.

Once in my hot little hands I shall add my own touches to it.

From a year ago when I first met this bike I took this photo of it.

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Defeated

The gearbox and shaft drive have gone the way of most neglected Beemers.
Uni joint in the shaft is stuffed. Notchy and stiff as.
Gearbox when you turn the output shaft is clunky and rough as guts.
Previous owner is in no way to fault for what has happened.
I bought this bike with no known mechanical history.

Fix it? Not when it is going to cost close to what I paid for it.

So it has been sold. Well swapped for a 2 wheeled device. I still needed transport.

Yet again BMW has defeated me.