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Soon to be wrenched here at W'nR'n.. Its 40 years old and Asian to boot.

Since I sold my R100 BM that I was bobbing I have been wanting another bike to wrench away on. I can't help but fiddle with these confounded two wheeled contractions. I love the bloody things.

I have just purchased a Honda CL450K5 off a mate, Ken aka Youngduffer. It has a seized engine. Spark plug broke off and dropped into the engine. Have no idea how bad this will be. I really don't care as I have the nouse to fix it. Pulled enough engines down to know what to do.

So do I cafe it or bob it? Or maybe a mix of both? Brat it. Will decide when it gets here in a few weeks time.

Here is what it looked like when it was bought by Ken.

Bad eBay seller alert... "- nf-moto-au"

For over 3 months now I have been trying to either get a set of levers I paid for or a refund from seller

The latest message I got from this person is they have no record of the item. I have had enough. Below is a copy off all the messages between us,

Notice I waited over a month from the sale date before I contacted them.

eBay sent this message to Ross Moorhouse (rider_1000).Your registered name is
included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more.
Dear rider_1000,

Hello dear friend
I`m so sorry for the inconvenience,
Please don`t worry now,
How about this?
I will resend a new one to you if it not arrive
until this weekend,
Best regards

- nf-moto-au

From: rider_1000
To: nf-moto-au
Subject: I haven't received my item yet: rider_1000 sent a message about Short Brake
Clutch Lever
Handle For
GSF1200 BANDIT 01 02 03 04 05 06 #360537551328
Sent Date: 20-Feb-13 07:14:24 AEDST
Dear nf-moto-au,

Over a month…

The stuff I design and sell, in the flesh...

Thought I would show you all how cool my designs look when plastered on your bike.

Link to the store windows... CLICK A HERE

W'nR'n skull stickers. Buy from my Zazzle Store.

The Jap flag sticker is made for the Bandit. Supposedly the Jap font I have used spells "BANDIT" in Japanese. Lets hope so hey. Buy this sticker is from my Red Bubble store.

Spotted. Nice old R90/6

Coming back from lunch the other day at work spotted this lovely old girl. One of my favorite BMs. R90/6.

Danmoto clip-ons done proper like..

When I took delivery of my Danmoto clips-ons they sent me one clamp that was the wrong size. While the replacement was on its way i played around with this set up. "DanMoto Clip-ons done different..."

Today the replacement clamp arrived. So I fitted them the way they are intended to be done.

They feel great. Just a bit lower than the OEM bars. Yet I can adjust them in so many ways to suit. 
Took the bike out for a bit of a blat and the mirrors do not blur at all now. Vibes are being soaked up by the forks. Hard revs and I get a tingle through the bars.
They are wider than my fake Jota bar setup. I am very surprised with how comfortable they are.  

Even more stuff to buy...

Have now added a store window page. This will take you to the two different sites I use to sell stuff through.

All the kool people are wearing this stuff. Several different design for you to choose from.

Stuff added to the store....

Been banging the rocks together here and made some more stuff for you to buy...

You click here to go to store...

Store is open.. 24/7

To go with the new funky change to this blog I have opened a store with Cafe Press.

You Click here to go to store...

Some of the stuff you can buy... Use the linky thing above to see more..

New name for da blog..

Ross' motorcycle Blog was so 2012. Time for a new name. Seeing as I do more modding of my bike of late, thought the new title kinda suits what I have up here.

DanMoto Clip-ons done different...

I had a brain wave. Or brain fart, depends on how you see what I have done. Instead of mounting these clip-ons to the forks I played around with some old Renthal bars by cutting them up and fitting the clip-ons to these. I have made my own set of Jota Bars. Adjustable as anything.

I will carry an allen key with me till I get the bars set in just the right position.

The way I have them they are way narrower than the OEM bars. Which I really like the feel of so far.

The only down side is to have them any higher will need a longer brake line.

DanMoto clip-ons.....

I have decided to get clip-ons for the Bandit. As much as I like the Renthal Ultra Low bars I am searching for more comfort. Less vibration through my hands.

So after reading some reviews on the DanMoto clip-ons and seeing as they are around $100 I thought I would give them a go.

Yes I know they are made in China. Hey come on Kawasaki make some of their 650 Twins in Indonesia and sell them around the world. Yes i know that some of the first batch of these clip-ons had some breaks under heavy braking. That was a few years back now and I have yet to any feedback since then to suggest that they are still crap. So I thought I would give them a go.

I ordered them just as Chinese New year was happening. So had to wait for that to finish and then they were sent via EMS. Real quick postage this. I had them within 4 days. Open the packet and find they sent one fork clamp that was way to big for my forks. Quick emails between me and them and they have sent me a replacement clamp no questions as…

From the Hot Hoe...

Wish I could have gone to this...

Brilliant video of some mates having a wee ride out in the nothingness of NSW...Bastards had fun too.