Soon to be wrenched here at W'nR'n.. Its 40 years old and Asian to boot.

Since I sold my R100 BM that I was bobbing I have been wanting another bike to wrench away on. I can't help but fiddle with these confounded two wheeled contractions. I love the bloody things.

I have just purchased a Honda CL450K5 off a mate, Ken aka Youngduffer. It has a seized engine. Spark plug broke off and dropped into the engine. Have no idea how bad this will be. I really don't care as I have the nouse to fix it. Pulled enough engines down to know what to do.

So do I cafe it or bob it? Or maybe a mix of both? Brat it. Will decide when it gets here in a few weeks time.

Here is what it looked like when it was bought by Ken.