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There be no fire in her belly....

My poor LT, Sophie, came home on the back of a tow truck last Monday. I had just left work. Gassed it to take off from the lights and she dies. Roll to a side street. Check I have fuel. Yep fuel flows out of the fuel line when I pull them off. Have electrical power as the bike will turn over on starter but not start.

Put bit of metal (re allen key) up spark plug cap on both sides and check for spark. Nothing. Pull tank and check that spark leads are still in coil. Check. Walk back to work and book tow truck. Glad I work for our states road side assistant company. Must be that I am staff that tow is there within 30 mins.

Bike is off loaded. Pull spark plug and test for spark. Nothing. Engine turns over on starter. Order new coil from Munich Motorcycles. Hopefully I will be firing on all 2 cylinders again.

New coil fitted still no firing up. Jan and I are due top roll north in an hour or so. So we through the bags from the bike into the car. Poor Jan has a 5 hour drive ahead of her.

The Big O liked BMW too....

Even the Big O liked BMW. :-) Looks to me like he is riding an R69S?