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BMW. Tom's R80 Street Fighter Video.

I found this on U Tube. I believe Tom and his R80 Street Fighter are from Switzerland. This is an amazing looking creation. It would go like crazy too with so much chopped off the original bike. I have shortened the video down so you can hear the bike start up and then be ridden away. Pure music to the ears.

Wisdom from your elders... part 3...

Here is part 3 from the Macquarie Towns Motorcycle Restoration & Preservation Club annual Motorcycle Show. The show was on at Macquarie Park, Windsor. Bikes from 1941 to 1950.

Stripped.... The fat lady has sung....

Thank you to Pezz_GS and Wato from the ADV forums for coming around this afternoon to have a look over the bike. Turns out the left hand carb was out of sync. Pezz put that right quick smart. Both said the engine was sweet sounding. So Sonny and I did a good job after all on this engine.

I took the bike out for a short ride. Everything seems fine.

A big thank you to everyone that has either laid their hands on the bike or offered help on the many forums I posted to about this saga.

I have learnt so much about BMW airhead engines over the last month. Now to get some rides in.

Sydney Motorcycle Show.... Part two.

Sydney Motorcycle Show Part two.

Those 3 wheel scooter things.

Custom Bikes.

Around the World Ride. Fighting Prostate Cancer.

Moto Guzzi.


Buell's new 1124CR.

Sydney Motorcycle Show.... Part one.

Yesterday my wife, our youngest daughter and myself attended the Sydney Motorcycle Show. This event is part of the Australian Motorcycle Expo that travels up the eastern side of Australia every year. From Melbourne to Sydney and then onto the Gold Coast in Queensland.

The major manufactures were there in force. Showing off next years models to a bike hungry crowd. I was disappointed that Victory did not have stand at all. They had a big display at the Melbourne show. All we saw of these big v-twins was two bikes tucked away right down the back of the dome on a display for some importer.

I wanted to photograph the new BMW F800GS. So many people swarmed over it I could not get a lense in at all. This is good for BMW. I bet they sell bucket loads of them.

The fortnightly magazine, Australian Motorcycle News had a great stand. They had a jet powered bike on display. Also a replica of Daimler's 1885 wooden-framed "bone crusher" motorcycle.

Lets have a look at some of the bikes …