Stripped... Going solo....

Sonny was off on a ride today. Poor guy has been hanging out for a good long ride. WHAT ABOUT ME!!! He offered to help today. He needs to go for a ride. So I did all the work solo.

Started at about 11am. Gearbox out. Flywheel came out. There is oil everywhere. The rear main seal was not sealed without the flywheel guide ring. I spent a good hour or so removing oil from parts that should not have oil on them. It is a dry clutch after all. Fly wheel guide ring was put in. Clutch in. Gearbox on.

Shining with oil.

So far so good.

The moment of truth! I turn the crankshaft and there is no grinding.

Swing arm in but not centred. Drive shaft uni bolted to the drive shaft from gearbox. Boot put on. Bolting the uni joint and the boot are the two hardest jobs by far. Very little room to work with your fingers. Lots of oil over your fingers from inside the boot.

Stop for dinner. Then pack tools away. Tomorrow just a few more things to do and then I will fire it up and see how good a job I did this time.