On a Sure Footing....

I love my BMW. More than any other bike I have owned. This doesn’t mean that it is not without its blemishes. Take the hair trigger sidestand. Known to fold up when an Alpaca herder in the Andres sneezes and the bike is in Australia. Many a BMW owner has found their bike on its side on the ground. Fairing broken. The sidestand has folded up into the raised position. Why? Because it likes to. Once the smallest amount of weigh transfers off the side stand it will fly up.

Also if you have an RT type fairing as mine does you can not put the stand down when sitting on the seat. Well I can’t with my short legs. I have to clamber off the bike while holding it up right and then use centre stand. I don’t trust the sidestand.

This Video shows how vicious the original sidestand is.
Click on the play button.

That all changed yesterday. I fitted a SureFoot sidestand. Moto-Bins in the UK supply these. They are of a very sturdy construction. Comes with full fitting instructions and 2 new bolts that are used to mount it with. This stand will not hurtle back up into the folded position. You have to use your foot to lower and raise it. In either of those positions it will stay there. Of course if the bike is facing down hill on a slope it will come off the stand. Most bikes will do this.


The SureFoot mounts just behind the left hand rider footpeg. The footpeg mounting point is used and a longer bolt is supplied from Moto-Bins to allow it to mount here. The other mounting point is up behind the battery overflow tube bracket. Again a longer bolt is supplied.

There is also an adjustment bolt to be used so the stand will not foul on the left pannier is you have one fitted.


This is a top product that is well made and well thought out. It will save the owner of any Airhead lots of money as there is way less chance of the bike coming off the sidestand when using a SureFoot.

They retail for 50 pounds and you order directly from Moto-Bins.


  1. thanks; my surefoot has just arrived in the post. If it works it might extend my riding by another 10-15 years. I was beginning to dread getting on and off the thing due to my dodgy hips.


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