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1947 G80L - Touch ups and butchery

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1947 G80L - valves

Valves are out. Both seem ok!? Will do further checking of them. Inlet was held in by surface rust and spider webs. They both look like they are not original. Clean up of head and valves then lap the valves in.

1947 G80L - "Grog" fits ...soon

BSA Firebird scrambler fiberglass tank has now set the direction this build will go in. Inside of tank will get treated with Caswell epoxy liner. Need to make mounts that come off the original
frame's mounts so tank sits level.

1947 G80L - "Grog"

Lets see if I can get this BSA Firebird scrambler fiberglass tank to fit on the Matchless.... As a precaution may seal the inside with Caswell Expoxy Tank Sealer. I have read it works very well with fiberglass tanks and modern fuel does not eat the epoxy coating. With BC comic Grog.

1947 G80L - Dating service. I did not swipe left.

I used the AJS Matchless UK club dating service to date the frame.

No doubt about the engine. 

1947 G80L - Diving in...

Dived into some work on the big Matchy today.
Combined tow seats to make one. I had a replica seat already. The seat that came with the Matchy was bigger. So chopped them up. Black paint. Seat is done. Just need 2 new big springs for the seat to bounce me around on now.

Seeing how bunged up around the bottom of the push rods is I took the barrel off. One big ugly piston. I love 500 singles. This one has some scoring. Inlet valve seems to have been kissing the top of the piston. There is no scoring on the bore that I can feel. Should I replace the piston and hone or re-bore to match the replacement piston? Don't know yet. 

1947 G80L - Bunged up.

Making sure oil ways are clear. In the photo below we see part of the push rod assemble. Oil passes through these. Well it will when I clean it up and re-assemble.