Saturday, 19 April 2014

After riding there is wrenching - Speedmaster

Been riding the last two days. Due for an oil change. Time for some oil and beer.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Bankstown Motorcycle Show Good Friday 2014

Not a bad show at all. Well attended. Flat and Dirt track Demos. Motard Demos. Customs bike show. Unoffical bike show in the carpark. Men hitting eash other in a ring. Men throwing themselves around same ring. Man playing with snakes.

Commando Style

Big and skinny

Ben's Bike


Old and bloody fast

When Vetter didn't do drugs




For the learner Hipster

It fly's. It has wing



Best bike of the show

Kids fanging it in their demo

That I will win stance

Going for it. Its a demo race

Pop'n one

The smell of avgas and dirt

Speedway bike demo

Bit on the side demo


Other side of blown

He lost the wrestling match

Teh Awesome now has studs

Twin suckers

Long low gray

Motad demo

Dirt track race demo

Dirt track race demo

Dirt track race demo

Dirt track race demo

Dirt track race demo



The Dark Side is white

The chrome it stings my eys

Fat at both ends

Burn baby


Men hitting each other

Gattling gun


Skulls and skulls and more skulls

Long blue and NOS

"Fools Gold"

Lane Splitter

More "Fools Gold"

Small wave in the sea of bikes

Fat Japo

Victory spreads her legs

Hipster bought a handbag for his Skirtster