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#Rus-ty-too - After the flu comes more wrenching

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#Rus-ty-too - Tigging

39 years ago my parents made me do a trade when I left school. I was a sheetmetal worker/welder. My father's reasoning for doing a trade was that you can always fall back on it. He was right. I may not been the best tig welder around but I can still weld.

Today I made some seat mounts and a rear guard brace. Tig welded them in place.

#Rus-ty-too - So it begins

Spent around 8 hours today working on the Scorpio.
Was told it needed a new battery. Old battery put on charger for 4 hours. Then fitted. Press starter button and bike starts first go. Idle was a bit high. Rev'n its head off. Back that off and she sounds sweet.
Taking stuff off that is not needed.
Fitting a different tank. Made a new rear tank mount from fire extinguisher hanger bracket.
Trial fitted a couple of different seats.

Tomorrow off up north to get a second hand Acerbis Elba headlight unit for it.

#Rus-ty-too is here.

#Rus-ty-too is here. Let the madness be unleashed on it.

#wheezathebeeza - Stuffer plates not stuffed.

At long last I have the engine out and in bits so I can get at the stuffer plates.

Yep stuffer plates are stuffed. Someone has welded them in before. I have Tig welded them back in.

#Rus-ty-too. Old bits even more

I like patina. No I love patina. So I try to use as many old/recycled parts and bits as I can with I build.  #wrenchn #yamhascorpio225 #scorpio225 #WnRn

#Rus-ty-too. - Bits here.

Sneak peak of the Scorpio build #wrenchn #yamhascorpio225 #scorpio225 #WnRn