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Speedmaster - Even more Spitfire.

Take one bottle of  Spitfire Ale.

Drink the bottle till empty. Put empty bottle in recycle bin.

Take the cap. A stainless steel bolt and a large washer. Attached the cap to the washer. Peen over the edges of the cap around the washer which has the stainless steel bolt through it.

You now have a hand made choke knob that cost around $10.

Take the bike's choke knob off. Fit the one you have just made.

Speedmaster - Fat Arsed and Spitfired

My Speedy is again Fat Arsed. Got a Yamaha pillion seat pad, sissy bar and Honda sissy bar pad fitted. That way I can still use my Maverick low rider seat when Jan is on the back. The Triumph touring seat is really comfy for Jan but I really don't like my part of the seat. Got some Arlen Ness mirrors.

Fat Arse can be stripped off in a matter of minutes now when I just want a solo set up.

Also picked up a trench art brass Spitfire from eBay. Fitted to the back of the sissy bar. Not going to polish it up. I like the look of the old patina.

Four bolts and its solo again. With added sissy bar. 

New photos added to my Kool Pommy bikes page

Just a sample below. More can be seen via --> Kool Pommy bike page <--

Speedmaster - My Speedy in Pencil

As you all know my wife is a very talented artist. I asked her to do a portrait of my Speedy. Just wow.

If you would like a portrait of you bike done please see the below links...
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HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2013 - Japan..

Koolness of kool in Japan.

Stolen from -->Jin's Mooneyes show post...<-- You click to go there to see way more... And even more from -->Jin's 1st Mooneyes post... <--

JUST RIDE ......

To see more -->   JUST RIDE VII  <-- from the site of pure Bike Awesomeness that is

Zombie Apes ate my .......

This guy hand makes great handle bars. Bought a set of MICRO BEND-A-LICIOUS APES! from Steffan @ Zombie Performance

So off came the Biltwell Chumps.

I wanted some small ape bars that more of a curve to them. The curves on these are rounder than a child bearing mummies hips.

Also got a set of Biltwell Recoil grips to go with this bars.

I can't help myself...

My talented wife's latest drawing...

My wife is a very talented artist. She uses different mediums. Pencil, paints etc. This is her latest.

To see more of her work try these links...
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Her Art Blog
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Speedmaster - Big Skull

I know you are bored with photos of my Speedmaster. I am not.

Speedmaster - Black gets blacker

Speedmaster - 2014 Speedmaster revealed.

So Triumph have shown off what the 2014 Speedmaster will look like in Italy at the EICMA show this week.

Speedmaster - Black out

The brown is gone. long live the brown.

My low rider seat is no longer brown. It is now black. Some black leather dye took care of the brown.

Speedmaster - Smoke gets in ya eyes.

Had to run an errand early this morning. This took me alone to foreshore of Brisbane Waters. Normally this is a stunning water view. Not so this morning. There is back burning going on about 130kms west of here. The smoke this morning was thick.

Like to have a perv...

If ya like old and new Trumpys have a look at the page I have started here on my blog....

Kool Triumphs...

Here is some of what is going up on this page....

Speedmaster - The never ending fiddle.

Yes I know I can't leave it alone. My Trumpy that is.

Today I relocated the indicators from up off the handle bars to down to the top triple tree. Why? Cause I can't stop fiddling with the bike.

Had to cut the indicator wires to be able to pull them out of the hardness wrapping. Re-solder them back in lower down. They now run from the connectors in the headlamp bucket.

Had to rework the indicator hanger brackets to fit where the wire guide was for the cables etc. Some drilling and cutting was required.

Bolt the indicators in place and the handle bars are slowly getting a cleaner look to them.

Speedmaster - When eBay goes right.

I bought a set of La Rosa Saddlebags and mounting frames of a guy on eBay. What a great transaction this was. The way it should be. Simple. Good communication. Done deal.

Got the bags home and 2 hours later they are mounted. Bagger Speedmaster now.

Speedmaster - Stripped down.

An hour to spare. Out came the spanners. Off came the saddlebags. Off came the Sissy Bar. Then it went back on.

Just stuffing around to see what the bike looks like stripped back a bit.