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Bruce Campbell's Tour for sale.

If you live in Australia and you want to buy a good used Scorpion I can highly recommend you look at Bruce's Tour. He is selling his. I have had a short ride on it and it is a very well sorted machine. Handles way better than mine. No problems with the gearbox of clutch.

Here is a short run down on the bike from Bruce….

LAMS approved. MuZ's use a Yamaha XTZ660 engine so parts and servicing are easy. Sale includes: Genuine fairing kit incl all brackets, mirrors etc. Upgraded headlight (TRX850) for fairing. Heated grips, Scottoiler, Front forks fitted with RaceTech Goldvalve emulators (tuned by Shock Treatment), Wilbers 641 series shock, Givi panniers, screen. Some spares and lots of info on CD. Mechanically A1. Recently serviced. Some minor cosmetic damage due to its age, but never dropped. This bike is fully sorted. Suspension has been tuned so that it’s comfortable but competent on all road surfaces, including dirt. It is not race-track hard. It is the most comfortable bike I&…

After 3 months of no rides.....

Three whole months without a ride. That’s how long it has been since I last went for a decent ride. Packing and then moving house took up at least half of the 3 months. So when Michael Barnes said he would be down in Sydney over Easter and would I like to ride back up to his neck of the woods how could I say no.

Being Easter Long weekend meant that Mr Plod is out in force issuing tickets that will incur double demerit points if you get caught being naughty on the roads. The weather forecast was for rain over the weekend too. Talk about trying to make me not want to venture out onto the black stuff.

Michael and I arranged to meet at Sylvania McDonalds at 8am. We would head south via the Royal National Park then further south to Macquarie Pass which would then take us inland and west. Then down to Goulburn, up through Taralga, onto Oberon where we would part and go to our homes.

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Waking at 4:30am this morning I could not stay in bed till the alarm went off. I wanted my depart…

Postcards from 10... Trip to Finland...

Here are some more of Michaels photos from his trip to the MZ Rally in Finland.

Swedish east coast, campground.

Klaus & Detlef and a car-driving ferry passenger, Baltic Sea.

One Mad SR 500!...

How different can this modified SR 500 be?? This is a truly amazing bike. It was posted on the SR 500 forums. When most builders go for that Brit single BSA/Norton look, this guy goes for something else altogther. I love it.

So what did the builder do???

-Tig welded, hand built frame with billet motor cradles.
-Honda NT650 Hawk single sided swing-arm w/ Kosman widened rim.
-CBRF3 fork
-P.M. 4 piston caliper w/ floating rotor
-Magura throttle & clip on's.
-Hand built exhaust with carbon fiber muffler.
-Over-sized stainless valves, bronze guilds, 550 Venolia piston.
-Trail tech L.C.D. meter for speed, tach, temp, odometer/trip.
-About 50% of the bike is powder-coated.

New Styling for the MZ 125 SM / SX

MZ have been busy getting ready for 2008 with some great looking styling changes to their 125 range of singles. The below has been taken from their site.

Dear Friends,
At the beginning of the new season we have something very special for you. Our 125 ccm models have a new look and carry the following names: "Blizzard", "Elegance", "Copper" and Camouflage".......
Your MZ-Team

MZ 125 SM Blizzard
MZ 125 SM Elegance
MZ 125 SX Camouflage
MZ 125 SX CopperOf course we wont see these here in Australia. If you own an MZ 125 single I would love to hear from you. Would be great if I could get a road test from someone who owns one.

How much for a MuZ in 2000????

I came across some old Two Wheels magazines today. Several issues from the year 2000. The road racing section was sponsored by MZ with these ads. Shows you how much a MZ cost here in Australia in 2000.

Some more of the bikes I have owned.

We are cleaning up to move house. Which is both a pain and a joy. The joy is I have uncovered lost photos and slides. The slides will have to be sent off to be turned into digital images. Bit the photos I can scan. So here are some more of my SR500 Yamaha single and the little Honda 125 I owned.