One Mad SR 500!...

How different can this modified SR 500 be?? This is a truly amazing bike. It was posted on the SR 500 forums. When most builders go for that Brit single BSA/Norton look, this guy goes for something else altogther. I love it.

So what did the builder do???

-Tig welded, hand built frame with billet motor cradles.
-Honda NT650 Hawk single sided swing-arm w/ Kosman widened rim.
-CBRF3 fork
-P.M. 4 piston caliper w/ floating rotor
-Magura throttle & clip on's.
-Hand built exhaust with carbon fiber muffler.
-Over-sized stainless valves, bronze guilds, 550 Venolia piston.
-Trail tech L.C.D. meter for speed, tach, temp, odometer/trip.
-About 50% of the bike is powder-coated.