New Styling for the MZ 125 SM / SX

MZ have been busy getting ready for 2008 with some great looking styling changes to their 125 range of singles. The below has been taken from their site.

Dear Friends,
At the beginning of the new season we have something very special for you. Our 125 ccm models have a new look and carry the following names: "Blizzard", "Elegance", "Copper" and Camouflage".......
Your MZ-Team

MZ 125 SM Blizzard

MZ 125 SM Elegance

MZ 125 SX Camouflage

MZ 125 SX Copper

Of course we wont see these here in Australia.

If you own an MZ 125 single I would love to hear from you. Would be great if I could get a road test from someone who owns one.


  1. Hi Ross.

    The fist one looks evil :) The Blizzard wouldnt be so nice for the summertime. If i should chose i would take the MZ 125 SX Camouflage.

  2. In August, I bought my 13 year old a brand new 2002 holdover MZ 125. It is lots of fun, and not enough power for him to get in serious trouble. Great little starter bike, but parts availability are an issue. Thank God for the dual sport aftermarket sources.

  3. do u sell clutch plate kit for mzsm125 can not get one


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