How much for a MuZ in 2000????

I came across some old Two Wheels magazines today. Several issues from the year 2000. The road racing section was sponsored by MZ with these ads. Shows you how much a MZ cost here in Australia in 2000.


  1. The MuZ's were cheaper in Europe.
    Sport type 7460 AUD and Replica 12265 AUD.

    Most Skorpions are sold -15% during the '90'except the Replica.
    The leaflet shows the latest type (kind of evo model, other fairing, dash,...) never been sold in Belgium.



  2. Hi, my name is Bonnie and I have a traveller. I was going through some old two wheels mags and in feb 1999 theres a full page ad for the MZs and a two page write up from jennifer brown on the replica. There is no prices shown..thought it was that i own one!!

  3. Hi Bonnie, Show us some pics of your Replica....

    Muzzer, Everything costs more here. Its the ocean that seperates us from the rest of the world. :-)


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