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"Pistoncino"- Looks older?

If I can treat the rust in the top of the tank I will use the original tank.
I was able to get the old thick petrol vanish out of the tank. Boiling water with detergent and a Gerni.
Bought a set of Biltwell Maynard Bars from
New old set of coke bottle grips.
Biltwell solo saddle. Its on 5 inch springs at the moment. Have got some 3 inch ones in the mail. Might try the 3's first to get the seat lower. Have to make sure the seat does not bottom out on the rear guard when I am bouncing on the seat.

Hope to have this all dialed in and registered in the next 2 weeks.

"Pistoncino"- Detail

Just some detail shots.
Even had the original tools in the tool box.

"Pistoncino" - Running and riding.

"Pistoncino" runs and rides. Once I found the on/off switch hidden up near the horn she runs first kick. Does not blow smoke at all. Yay!  Private road with fuel bottle strapped to frame I saw just under 40mph on the speedo. Hitting rear brake makes it go up gears. Must remember gear pedal and brakes are on opposite sides compared to a Jap bike.

"Pistoncino" - 1/2 hour and at it with the tools.

Yep within 1/2 hour of it being here I am mocking up what it may end up looking like.
Plans are for different handle bars. They are in the mail. Seat springs for the solos seat. In the mail.
Nothing is set in stone yet.

"Pistoncino" - Has landed.

"Pistoncino" the 1967 Sears Gilera 106SS has landed this afternoon.
How it came into Australia with old fuel in the tank that stinks of old varnish I don't know.
The delivery driver was happy to get it out of his truck as the old fuel had split and the truck stunk of it too. The V-Rod that was in the back will have a lingering smell to it.
I may have to pull the carb off and check it does not have a build up of the old fuel in it.
It is in great condition for its 49 years.
Can't wait to here it running.

1967 Gilera 106SS - I shall call it... "Pistoncino"

Monday next week the powerhouse of a motorcycle that is the Gilera will arrive. Is it Monday yet?

It now has a name. "Pistoncino" which is Italian for little piston. Well when you displace 106cc.

Here is a photo of what mine may end up looking like.

1967 Gilera 106SS - Inspiration

Some photos take from the net. I don't do restorations. I make it my own. There is inspiration in there for me.

1967 Gilera 106SS - More of the for sale shots

Copied the for sale shots. No wonder I bought this. I could sit and gaze that engine all day long. It should be here next week or week after.

1967 Gilera 16SS

This just happened...
It was sold through Sears Dept stores in the USA and comes with Sears ID. Import from the USA.
It runs. Runs well.
1967 GILERA 106SS. Italian power house all 100cc of 4 strokeness.

DGR ready....

I am now DGR ready. For the cost of a coffee you could help make a difference for men's health.. Please sponsor me all money goes to Movember, DGR is proud to see funds raised from the 2016 event be allocated to important prostate cancer research programs as well as men's mental health and suicide prevention programs.
For more information about DGR -

Bender - Slimmer bum seat

Finished up the slimmer seat.
Logo added to seat.
Stripped of grab rail.
Heat guard refitted to headers/exhaust. Made from stove pipe guard.
Bit of a the day I got it and today.
Homage to Bender added.

Bender - Old seat into newish

Took the seat that came with Bender the ZS. Cut down both the foam and the seat base. Carved the foam with an electric knife then a sanding wheel on my angle grinder. Wrapped the foam in plastic. Drilled lots of holes in base and leather. Used rivets with washers to attached leather. Now how a Brat Style seat that is comfy.
Finish it up tomorrow and do better photos.

More Old bike parts made into Art.

Old spark plug for body
coat hanger wire for legs
2 stainless bolt heads for eyes
heat guard from stove pipe for wings
wire for tongue
Tig Welded

Old bike parts made into Art.

"Tetanus Worm".
Cam chain from old Honda motorcycle engine. 
3 old rusty nails.
Nuts and bolts for the eyes.
Old Suzuki front sprocket for the stand.
Old kitchen utensils for the head.
Tig welded together.

 "Sparky the Snail"
Old bit of 530 o-ring chain.
Old NGK spark plug.
36mm socket.
Axle nut.
2 H4 globes. 
Tig welded.

Zeke - Spirit of Bender

Square headlight off Yammie XJ750 that had been on my old R80 now fitted. Bit Benderish looking now. So shall now be called Bender.