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Off to Mitta Mitta... The ride home......

The ride home from Mitta Mitta. I have not really wanted the post this up. It means the report is over. The ride has ended. One of the best rides I have ever done is finished. Lilly and i will never forget this ride. My Tar Brother Helge and I will never forget this ride. So lets finish it here.

We arose to a sunny day. Stark contrast to the night before. Did we bring the rain or what?! Mitta Mitta was wet. The river had come up too.

A quick breakfast was had. We did not want to take any food home with us. So we ate well.

Goodbyes to our fellow campers/travelers and off we set for home. What a great weekend. Fantastic and inspirational people we will never forget. I have been greatly inspired to take my bike overseas. I knew this would happen even before we set off for this meeting. Now the desire is so deeply planted. I hope one day I can make it real as those we met have.

Again we motored over beautiful roads as we headed north. The rising sun warming our faces. A stray sheep and a wall…

1950s, Mt Druitt race track. My Dad was there......

In the 1950s my Dad attended the bike races at the old Mt Druitt circuit. The circuit was used from 1948 to 1958. Spectator attendance often exceeding 15,000 and was believed to be one of the best motor racing circuits in the country. The course was 3.6 kms long and situated on what is now Whalan Reserve, the Mt Druitt Industrial Area and Madang Avenue Primary School. NSW. Australia.

My Dad took these photos.

If you know who the riders are please let me know.

Off to Mitta Mitta... Events of the meeting......

Mitta Mitta had not seen good rain for sometime. The HU Meeting brought it for them. Saturday dawned clear. But we knew by the clouds in the distance that this would not last all day. Tent city out the back of the pub has started to grow.

A group ride had been arranged for Saturday morning up to Dartmouth Dam. The road was narrow and twisty. We had been warned about the gravel on the road. Did some of us remember? No. Helge was in front of me. I see him sliding. Then both of my wheels let go. The BM handles it well. Sideways and forwards and soon have grip again. Helge is now looking down at his back wheel for oil. It was not that. It was the gravel we forgot about. Fine ball bearing gravel. A few others got caught out on this corner too. No one came down. Shows how experienced the riders at this meet are.

Thanks to Daniel for the below photos. You can see the rest at Daniel's site.

You can tell how bad the drought is here in Australia when you see the dam levels. They are shockingly…

Off to Mitta Mitta... Some of the bikes seen at the HU Meeting...

Sorry for the delay in updating. Today thought I would show a small selection of the bikes that attended the HU meeting. Some have come all the way from overseas. Others have left here done a big overland trip and then come back home. Some like me dream of doing this. Next update will have more bikes and a ride up to Dartmouth Dam.

Yes there is a Postie bike under there.

Daniel from Switzerland on his Yamaha XTZ 750 Super Ténéré. He rode overland through Iran to India on this bike.

Michael & Colleen Tharme on their 1200GS. They traveled in 2008, Moscow from London.

All the way from the UK. 2 up. Lady pillion is blind.

China and Russia 2008. Garry Chadwick
Vietnam to Italy on a maxi-scooter. He also rode a 125 in China.

Bruce C. Filling up the ER.

Photo credits: Just me this time.