Off to Mitta Mitta... Some of the bikes seen at the HU Meeting...

Sorry for the delay in updating. Today thought I would show a small selection of the bikes that attended the HU meeting. Some have come all the way from overseas. Others have left here done a big overland trip and then come back home. Some like me dream of doing this. Next update will have more bikes and a ride up to Dartmouth Dam.

Yes there is a Postie bike under there.

Daniel from Switzerland on his Yamaha XTZ 750 Super Ténéré. He rode overland through Iran to India on this bike.

Michael & Colleen Tharme on their 1200GS. They traveled in 2008, Moscow from London.

All the way from the UK. 2 up. Lady pillion is blind.

China and Russia 2008. Garry Chadwick
Vietnam to Italy on a maxi-scooter. He also rode a 125 in China.

Bruce C. Filling up the ER.

Photo credits: Just me this time.


  1. I am amazed! Some of these little bikes just rocked my world...most people are in too big a hurry to climb aboard one of these and travel the world, man...I'm impressed...this does appear to be fun!


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