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Zeke - What was meant to be a simply chain lube

4 hours later.
Yes chain was tightened and lubed in the end.
KTM gear off.
Drag bars that came with the bike back on.
Small headlight fitted to head stem/fairing mount.
Some black paint added to the tank.
Almost back to the way I got it.
I think the original modifier of this bike knew what he was doing after all.

Zeke - Beak - a bird's horny projecting jaws; a bill.

KTM front guard fitted. Added a bit of silver.

Zeke - CDI box dead.

Transalps have a few known problems. CDI box failure is one. The seat base over time drops and rests on the CDI boxes. This can cause damage inside where the connectors are soldered. The solder cracks causing the connectors to be loose therefore not allowing the flow of electricity.

2 weeks ago I ordered a new CDI from the States. I am still waiting for this to come in the mail. Today the bike would not start. No spark to rear cylinder. Swapped the CDI boxes around just to make sure this was the problem. Start up and the rear now has spark.

I could wait a few more days for the new CDI to arrive or have a go at fixing it. Youtube has a few videos on how to do this. Crack the box open on the other side from the connectors. Re-solder these. Tapped up the box. Connected up and the bike starts and runs. Temp fix done.

It is also suggested that the Honda CDI relocation bracket be used to get the boxes away from the seat or do as i did and bridge the frame. I used some L shape metal bracket …

Zeke - Now with added SUV

Mock up front guard fitted. Going high. Have a KTM guard coming that is swooper and pointer.

Will this make it a SUV that never goes off road?

I have turned the Zeke into a Pelican.

ZS - Now it is complete.

No the cosmetic fiddle is not complete. What is compete is the circle of know problems with Transalps. One of the CDI boxes has gone. Its taken a very long time for this to happen. Off the road till I can source a new CDI box.

So I can tick off the known problem boxes. Rim rotting. Tick. CDI box goes. Tick.

Oh and I have had in my mind to do one last cosmetic change. Have been looking at street trackers with racing plates. Liked what I saw but had to be different.

Original seat back on. Its plush compared to the old chopper seat I had fitted.
Smaller headlight fitted. Offset. I like things not to be lined up.
KTM racing plate to hide the cables from the bars etc. My own crappy paint scheme on that.

Also think it wont be the Zombie Slayer anymore. Calling it the Zeke. As in Japanese WWII fighter Zeke (Zero).

ZS - Smaller is better?

Sunday arvo fitted smaller headlight and cowl from one of the old ER185s I have.


ZS - It does get ridden

Yeah I do ride further than the 10 minutes to work.

Sunday just gone. Rode with mates. Middle of winter here. Cold as.

Photo credit : Cam Vella.

ZS - Alloy bra

Clear coat over bare steel. This clear coat is not the best of friends with petrol. So I made a leather tank 'bra' to help catch the fuel drops. Then I found I still had some perforated alloy sheet. Some old straps. So made a alloy tank 'bra".


Yeah more boring photos of it.