ZS - Now it is complete.

No the cosmetic fiddle is not complete. What is compete is the circle of know problems with Transalps. One of the CDI boxes has gone. Its taken a very long time for this to happen. Off the road till I can source a new CDI box.

So I can tick off the known problem boxes. Rim rotting. Tick. CDI box goes. Tick.

Oh and I have had in my mind to do one last cosmetic change. Have been looking at street trackers with racing plates. Liked what I saw but had to be different.

Original seat back on. Its plush compared to the old chopper seat I had fitted.
Smaller headlight fitted. Offset. I like things not to be lined up.
KTM racing plate to hide the cables from the bars etc. My own crappy paint scheme on that.

Also think it wont be the Zombie Slayer anymore. Calling it the Zeke. As in Japanese WWII fighter Zeke (Zero).