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Sydney Cafe Racers January Ride.

Black Plastic - Speedmaster

Rattle can of Matt Black Plasticdip type paint on the fork lowers.

Counting has ceased - Speedmaster

I have stopped counting how many times I have changed the bars on this bike. This is number 11 change.

Biltwell Flat Tracker bars. I really like the stance the bike now. 
Things still to do:
That horrible chrome console on the tank is going. Might be able to extend my hand made leather tank bib to cover up the indent at the front of the tank. I have a cool idea for how to mount the idiot lights off the console. 
Front end needs to be black. Plastidip type paint will fix that. 
Smaller headlight.
Rear guard chop.  

Bare - Speedmaster

Always with the taking off and putting on hey.

Off came the saddlebags and sissy bar.

Used 2 different sets of mirrors to make some bar end ones.

Refitted the Astro-Glide bars.

Forks raised in the triple clamps by 1 1/2 inches. Have done this before. Makes the steering quicker.

That rear guard has to be bobbed.

And yet again... - Speedmaster

Another handlebar change. I really do have a problem hey!?. Went back to the original Trumpy drag bars. I am really diggin them.

Dirty Oily Rusty Smelly Machines.. Fork off..Fork on

I have a Honda CL450 that has a busted engine. It is not going to be worked on any time soon. It has forks with exposed springs and a big drum brake.

Will this front end fit the TS185?

Seems it will. The bearing cups from the Honda front end will need some machining to get a perfect fit.

The handlebars fitted at the moment may not be the final ones.