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Wish I had $17k....

This 1965 R60/2 and Steib sidecar sold on eBay today for $17,000 AUD. What a stunning outfit. Looks like it could have been ridden away when it was paid for. Hope the new owner uses it on the road too and doesn't leave it sitting in a garage all the time.

Here is the sellers blurb about it...

R60/2 (r60 stroke 2) with Steib S500 sidecar currently registered.

A rare opportunity to purchase or invest in one with the lot.

The bike is a 1965 R60/2 ( matching frame and engine numbers 627688 ) 53,300 miles with a Steib S 500 (VIN 37827) that comes with a lot of desirable features of that period such as the following

6 gallon tank with top toolbox and roundells that fit behind the tank badge
Factory 12 volt electrics.
Bar end blinkers.
Full stainless steel exhaust system.
Large capacity Bowman sump.
Finned exhaust nuts.
Rare sidecar gearbox, low 1st and 2nd with normal 3rd and 4th for highway speeds.
Pagusa solo seat with Denfield breadloaf seat.
New shocks front and rear with sidecar springs.
Full craven pannier system.
Heavy duty sidecar spokes all round.
Steib S500 sidecar with factory ATE hydraulic braking system. 19inch braked wheel.

Comes with factory workshop manual (bit tattered but usable) and photocopy of owners handbook.

Also comes with Bike and sidecar trailer, Heavy duty made from a boat trailer, PLEASE NOTE IT HAS NOT BEEN REGISTERED AND IS UP TO PURCHASER TO DO SO.

There are receipts that come with the bike showing work history totaling $2000 the motor has been rebuilt starts first kick and runs like a Swiss watch.

There are some dents in the sidecar on top and on guard, there is a small aluminum strip missing of the bottom of the sidecar, there is some surface rust on the frame where the original paint is now thin. The tank has some very small dents, this is all part of a 52 year patina.

Will sell worldwide will assist by delivering to nearest shipping port, costs to be paid by purchaser.

With bike comes a rare HEINRECH 8 gallon petrol tank with lockable aluminum lid.
The tank has had some work done to it ,The tank will need to be sealed, and painted.


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