Stripped..... Dufus has his day....

Saturday 8/11/2008. 8am. Sonny and I have a sleeves rolled up and we are ready to do start to reassemble the bike. Cylinders are off the old engine. Made sure I kept the pistons in the cylinders far enough to keep the rings in. New gudgeon pin circlips have been fitted. New O rings fitted. The engine is set to Top Dead Centre for the left side. On goes that cylinder and piston. The barrels are torqued down. This time it was done in small amounts. Guess what? Not a stud stripped. Repeated for the right side. Yes this is going great.

Stud in the new old engine. This one is not repaired.

This is the repair that was done to my old engine. Timesert did not have
enough thread to hold onto.

Sonny hard at work. He did the electrics.
Being green colour blind is no help when I touch wires.

Trying to figure out what went wrong....

Something old and something new.

In goes the flywheel. Later on we found out that this was not done correctly. We left out the fly wheel guide ring. Why? Well the engine I had bought didn’t have one. So I thought that it didn’t need one. HAHAHAHAHA... Dufus.

Talk about staring you in the face. See the brass round thing with 5 holes.
Thats what I left out. D!OH

On went the gearbox. Then the carbs. Airbox. Fuel tank. Seat. By now it is night time. Start the engine up and my jaw hits the floor. The engine runs and sounds so sweet. Mick, Sonny’s neighbour had been helping us. He says. “Now but it in gear.” A most horrible grinding sound comes from the gearbox. What have we done?

Sunday morning Sonny and I are back at the bike. Lots of head scratching and going over what we have done. We just can’t think what it could be. It was sitting staring at us but I didn’t even see it. The penny didn’t drop.

Off came the gearbox. We saw bright metal shavings. It was not till we took the flywheel off that we saw that the shavings had come from the flywheel eating into the bell housing of the crankcase. We must have put that gearbox on and off at least 6 times. We turned the engine over by hand every time. Still grinding. We thought it might have been the pressure plates not mounted right as per WRONG!

I then had the bright idea of mounting the flywheel washer on the inside of the flywheel to move it away from the crankcase. This helped. Grinding was not as bad. Funny thing is the grinding only happened when the clutch was pulled in. So I decided that we would put the whole bike back together and live with it. Again DUFUS mode had kicked in.

After spending sometime getting the new drive shaft boot on the bike was ready to ride home. We had also found that the gasket on the sump was gone. Oil was flowing out. So it was a grinding slippery ride home. Thankfully it was only about 2 kilometers.

This grinding is just not right. I did some searching through the ADV Old Skool forums and found a photo that showed the fly wheel guide ring. Hang on I have one of those in my old engine. Posted to the BM Riders Club forums and the reply was, yep that has to be fitted.

Yep Dufus me is now taking out the gearbox and all that goes before it to get to the flywheel. Nothing like doing it all over again.