DanMoto clip-ons.....

I have decided to get clip-ons for the Bandit. As much as I like the Renthal Ultra Low bars I am searching for more comfort. Less vibration through my hands.

So after reading some reviews on the DanMoto clip-ons and seeing as they are around $100 I thought I would give them a go.

Yes I know they are made in China. Hey come on Kawasaki make some of their 650 Twins in Indonesia and sell them around the world. Yes i know that some of the first batch of these clip-ons had some breaks under heavy braking. That was a few years back now and I have yet to any feedback since then to suggest that they are still crap. So I thought I would give them a go.

I ordered them just as Chinese New year was happening. So had to wait for that to finish and then they were sent via EMS. Real quick postage this. I had them within 4 days. Open the packet and find they sent one fork clamp that was way to big for my forks. Quick emails between me and them and they have sent me a replacement clamp no questions asked.

So while I wait on this to arrive I thought I would do a "dry" fit of the one I have that will fit. I replaced all the hex bolts supplied with stainless steel ones. The ones supplied were, well, a bit not so good.
I will pass judgement when I have them fully fitted and have had a bit of a spin on the bike to see how they feel.