Brain in bucket.

I bought a Nolan N84 helmet today from Bikebiz this arvo. A few years back I had an early model flip front Nolan and wore it to death. It was so comfy. So thought I would try the non flip Nolan. I have tried on a few different brands of full face and the Nolan felt the best. Feels just a bit heavier than my open face. I love the sun visor. I know it will scratch the main visor but I can live with that as I won’t have to wear my clip on sunnies on my glasses now. The fit around the crown of my head is nice and snug just like my old Nolan. The air vents work really well. I love the anti-fog nose bit. My glasses so far have not fogged up. It is a bit noisy but no where near as much as my open face. Heaps quieter than flip front helmets I have worn. The cheek pads will take some getting used to as they really push into my cheeks. I look like I have chipmunk cheeks. You know when they have nuts in their mouth and their cheeks puff out. Mine puff out at the top. Time and lots of kilometres will tell how good this helmet is.