Yellow is the new beige.

Nice big black bike. Black helmet. Black gloves. Black jacket. Black leather pants. Standard fair for the average rider. Then you add a daygo yellow vest with M3 reflective tape. This vest if your force field. This is the thing that is going to save you from those evil cars 4 wheel boxes that like to jump on bikes and riders. Your force field because everyone sees you now. Deep down in the small grey cells that live in your melon this is what you think. They can see me now. They will get out of my way. They will stop for me. WRONG. Oh so wrong. If you are basing YOUR safety on the actions of others you are living in a land of mattressed walls and white jackets that tie your arms up.

Your safety is up to you! It is up to you to react to those around you in their steel cages. It is up to you to be aware of what is going on around you. Use your eyes and your ears. Look at what the car in front is doing. What the car in the side street is doing. Watch the hands of the driver in the car you are about to pass. See if their hands start to move the steering wheel. Leave it to them to see you and react and you will be in a place of great pain. So will your mighty steed.

I see so many riders like the one I described above. Why have all the black and then try to stand out with a yellow vest? If you are one of them you really need to take your force field to the next level. Here it is.....

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