Zeke - Refining

I did some refining on the Zeke the last few days. Not that much on this bike is refined. Its more like a creation from Wacky Races. That's why I love it so much.

Moved the speedo off the bit of sheetmetal it was mounted to. Used an old Honda handlebar clamp/fuse holder. Bit of perforated metal. Done. Cleans up all those wires too.

Fitted a late model Transalp CDI box holder. This lays these down and gets the connectors away from touching the seat. Not that is a real problem now with a sprung seat.

I hope to have stopped the fuel coming out of the filler hole and past the petrol cap. Used an old Suzuki cap. This should have a better seal. Maybe no more fuel dribbles down the sides of the tank.

Removed old brown bag off the back. Pillion pad and pillion pegs fitted.