No more fairing fag.

It is done. Wiring harness from Eastern Beaver could not have been easier to put in. I did have to cut into the bike's headlamp harness. Solder is my friend. The low beam is still on when the high beam is on. That I will fix later.

I had to fabricate some blinker brackets. No big drama. Had some flat aluminium stock laying around. Cut shape and drill and they are done.

When I took the fairing bracket off I noticed how heavy it is. I have taken the bike for a ride up and down the street and the front end feels so much lighter. Will have to adapt to this when it comes to spirited corning.

I did have some trouble getting the bike started after I put the tank back on. I don't know if it the fact that there was no fuel in the carbs or not. Prime setting on the fuel tap seemed to help as it took several goes to get it to fire up. Now that it is warmed up it starts and runs fine. As far as I know I connected everything back up the way it was. 

I love the look. Very pleased with indeed.