"Pistoncino"- Down a fuel flavoured rabbit hole

Today I stripped the dellorto me8bs carbie. 
For a 49 years of age it was very clean and no fuel varnish. 
I have discovered that the choke slide is missing. The arm it attaches to is there. No lever. 
The bike fires up first kick when cold. Fuel being supplied from a fuel bottle. 
Fitted the cleaned out tank. Well I thought it was clean. Didn't that lead down a rabbit trail of other problems today. 
Bike would not run well under load. Will if I just use a fuel bottle. 
Stripped the fuel petcock. So much built up gunk. Can of carbie cleaner and got most of it out. Refit still wont run with throttle open. Check fuel flow. Next to none.
Use the other petcock and there is fuel flow. 
Then I stripped the banjo nut that holds the fuel outlet tube and the tread for this on the petcock. Wont tighten and hold fuel. Jump on eBay and order a new one. Yes you can for a 49 year old bike get new rep parts. 
Now to wait the 3 weeks for it to arrive.