"Pistoncino"- Rusty carb

Had my two mechanic mates Jason and Gray come around and have a look at why Pistoncino is not starting. In my ignorance of points I may have set them so they do not open. Jason fixed that and showed me how to set them. Cheers mate. Bike started and ran off a fuel bottle with clean fuel. Gray wants to take for ride. So we fuel up the so called clean fuel tank. Notice I said so called clean. She would idle just and then in gear and open the throttle dies. We worked out its not getting enough fuel under load. I pulled the carb off. Found the main jet blocked. Found the filter at the inlet to the carb has so many rust particles.

The tank will now not be used till I get its inside treated with a tank liner.

I turn my back for a few minutes and look what they did, 

Gray aka "Legoman" with the fuel bottle around his neck. 

I had missed this part to clean last time.